Oral Hygiene

Prevention is definitely the best cure! Our office takes a lot of pride in educating her patients about the good eating habits, proper hygiene and regular dentist visits. We will make every effort to make your life easier by not needing extensive treatment in the first place. We offer preventive fluoride treatment, sealants, comfortable prophylactic cleanings and extended hours to make sure you visit us regularly.

Cleanings and periodic exams are recommended every six months to prevent accumulation of tartar in hard to clean spots and to to diagnose problems as early as possible to prevent the need for extensive treatment

Topical application of fluoride is achieved by painting teeth surfaces with a concentrated varnish. The concentrated varnish is allowed to coat the teeth for about 30 mins. Drinking or eating should be avoided during the 30 mins after application. The fluoride helps re-mineralize small decays and helps formation of stronger crystals in enamel.


Sealants are meant to help seal the grooves between molar cusps. These grooves tend to trap food and are common sites of decay. Placing a sealant involves lightly etching the surface with mild acid and then applying the sealant thereafter which binds to the etched tooth surface.

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